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The Details Matter

Because you are dealing with food, it’s crucial that every area of your restaurant remains spotless. Strict health codes require that restaurants maintain a high standard of cleanliness, and not adhering to these codes could lead to problems. You need a cleaning service with restaurant experience that can anticipate your needs. Anago of Long Island Franchisees offer customized plans that can fit your schedule and budget. They can provide a one-time deep-clean as well as regular nightly or weekly cleaning. They will work with you to find the perfect program. Their free on-site cleaning consultation and estimate is intended to provide you with more insight into their services.

Go Green with Your Cleaning

Food and chemical cleaners don’t always mix. That’s why Anago of Long Island Franchisees use green cleaning products and techniques whenever possible. As strong as their chemical counterparts, green cleaning formulas don’t leave behind any unwanted fumes or residue. They are safe to be used in food prep areas and won’t contaminate other items in your restaurant. Our franchise owners work carefully to make sure none of their cleaning products ever harm any food, utensils, dishes, or other appliances that handle food or may come into contact with customers' mouths.

For restaurant cleaning services on Long Island, call (631) 707-9079. Our franchise owners proudly serve Nassau and Suffolk counties.